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We are Escortex.com, a resource for escorts, sex workers and those in the adult industry with the latest industry news, articles and gossip. We have been online since 2007 and have gone through several reincarnations since those early days. Our focus now is very much to help the sex workers, escorts and adult film stars keep abreast of the latest news in their industry, all in one place.

Information and news articles that can enhance your business and help to keep you safe. We track the latest industry headlines of interest from a wide range of international sources and make them available to you in a clean, uncluttered format to enjoy.

Why We Do It!

During the past year as we went through the pandemic that took over the whole world we wanted to find news on the impact for the escort industry and soon realised how difficult it was to get access to industry news that's reliable, up to date and relevant. Articles are dotted around on the internet but to find genuine, well written escort related news and articles was a time consuming and often frustrating affair. And so we came upon the idea of a centralised news source for all escort and adult industry news. One site where you can access all the top relevant headlines and blog posts from a variety and ever growing resource pool. 

How We Do It!

We list each newsworthy headline including a snippet of the article which links directly to the full news article or blog post itself. Think of us as a news feed for escorts, sex workers, and adult entertainers. News and resources to help you flourish and keep you safe! 

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